Continuous Delivery (CD) Vs Continuous Deployment (CD)

Last updated on - February 27th, 2019

DevOps – Development, and Operation is a trending concept nowadays in the IT world. Every organization is looking forward to implementing this concept to accelerate its deliveries to the customers and get the early feedback.

continuous delivery and continuous deployment

Previously we discussed two important pillars of the DevOps, which eventually helps us to implement DevOps culture.

These pillars are Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

I would strongly suggest to explore below article in a sequence to understand the complete CI-CD concepts.

1. What is Continuous Integration (CI) – Big Picture

2. What is Continuous Delivery (CD) – Big Picture

At this point in time, you are aware of continuous integration testing (CI) and continuous delivery testing (CD) concept. So, here we are going to discuss the difference between two important terminologies.

Continuous Delivery Vs Continuous Deployment

Continuous Delivery (CD):

Word ‘Continuous Deployment (CD)’ is mostly used in place of ‘Continuous Delivery (CD)’, whereas these are two different concepts and can’t be used interchangeably.

Let’s talk about how continuous delivery is different from continuous deployment.

In continuous delivery, delivering software to the production environment is a manual decision, taken based on the need. This is part of the release pipeline.

You will always be in a ready state to deploy the software. However, delivery happens by holding control over the software functionalities.

Even though, there are bugs in the software, it’s up to the stake holders including customers to take decision on deploying the software to the production and known issue is informed to the customers in the release notes.

In Continuous Delivery, you are in the position where you CAN deploy the software to production at any time by controlling the software functionalities.Click To Tweet

Continuous Deployment (CD):

In Continuous Deployment, deploying software is an automated process. Deployment happens automatically as soon as new code checks in without keeping any control on the software functionalities.

In Continuous deployment, software will be deployed along with the bugs without even giving thoughts to the bugs. Which will be eventually fixed in the next release, most probably on the same day.

Here, deployment can happen to the internal servers also like QA, DEV, etc also along with the production environment.

In Continuous Deployment, software deployment happens to the internal servers and to the production, continuously, without controlling the software functionalities.Click To Tweet

CI-CD is like a backbone of development and delivery process (DevOps). Every other thing in the DevOps just revolves around these concepts only.

Let me know if you have any questions or you face any issue while implementing CI & CD in your project.

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