Automation Framework

Usually, people find it difficult to understand. But it’s not. The automation framework is nothing but the set of rules or protocols that you want to follow while working on an automated testing for the specific project.

Rules like, where will you keep your test data? What approach will you implement for automating the test cases? Where will you keep your configuration files? How will reporting be done after the execution? How will you want to manage library files? and much more as per project requirement.
Once you finalize the answer to above questions and managed to utilize together to fulfill your need and make your testing easy. It’s called framework.

The different project may have the different framework and it completely depends on the type of software or the functionalities that you want to automate. There are no standards defined for designing the framework.

You must have defined framework, as per the best need of your project. The framework helps you to keep the project resources in the managed way and maintaining the automated test cases will be easy.
It’s your Framework. You would be the right person to decide how you want to design the framework that best suit as per your project need.

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