Are You a Technical Tester?

Let me ask you a simple question, are you a technical tester? If not, this article is for you.

Let’s discuss how you will be more productive and things will be in your favor if you are a technical tester.

Does It Really Necessary for the Manual Software Testers to be Technical? 

Usually, what happens is testers are known to follow the steps written in the test cases. 

Being a non-technical tester, you will not be very comfortable doing things which are not mentioned in the test cases or documents.

Whenever it is required to perform any step randomly, you will have less confidence in the execution and its output or results. 

Are You a Technical Tester?

What I believe is, you don’t need to be technical like programmers.

However, you should be technical enough to understand the technical stuff about the application under test (AUT) as mentioned in below points

  • Should be able to do technical configuration of the system.
  • Should be able to understand code change impact.
  • Understand the architecture of the application.
  • Should be able to understand SQL queries, configuration files, basic scripts.
  • Testers should be able to understand configurations and settings done for automation testing.
  • Should be able to extract valuable information from the error files, or system logs.
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.
  • It’s good to have at least basic understanding of popular automation tools like Selenium.

What Should You Do, If You Are Not a Technical Tester?

Not much.

It’s not difficult to become a technical tester.

What I believe is, you will become a technical tester, once you start taking interest in technical stuff while working on your current project.

Even your life as a tester will become easy and you will be more productive and confident about your work.

Let everyone know if you are a technical tester and what technical work you do as a manual tester.

Let me know if you have any concerns, by commenting below or send an email directly to me at

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