How to Learn Automation Testing Easily

Last updated on - August 11th, 2018

Here, I am going to share my thoughts on how to learn automation testing easily and start your automation journey.

Even I have also learned automation testing using the same technique and it was very useful in my initial days of career.

A lot of our colleagues and friends think about learning automation testing and moving their career to automation testing.

If you are a manual tester, I am sure you have also thought about it.

How to Learn Automation Testing Easily

At a time what you all do is collect all the required pieces of information from different sources and try to act upon it.

But the first thought that comes to your mind is “Can I learn a programming language?”.

First Thought That Comes To Your Mind

The first thought that comes to mind when manual testers think about switching their career to automation testing is like

  • Do I need to learn a programming language?
  • why do we need automation testing, when doing great in manual testing?
  • I am not good at programming, how will I learn it?
  • No, I can not learn coding and blah blah blah…

I have seen many tutorials where they suggest to learn a programming language first,  practice it and once you are comfortable, start learning automation testing.

That’s the wrong approach…

As per my understanding, that’s not a correct way of starting your automation testing journey.

I will tell you why so.

Author Thoughts – How to Learn Automation Testing Easily

Thinking about automation pops up too many questions, which put a question mark on your capacity to learn something new.

If you are a manual tester and have no prior experience in coding or automation testing then it can be difficult to learn to code, if you follow above-mentioned approach.

You will never feel confident that now I am good at programming and I should start learning automation testing.

Instead, I would suggest you, learn automation using the following approaches:

Prepare Yourself to Learn Automation

Actions to Perform

  • Keep exploring the use of each configuration, try record and play option (if supported), explore supported programming language. All these details you can easily get from their official website.
  • Create project workspace and configure it with required libraries to write selenium WebDriver code.
  • Pick any simple application to practice simple selenium example.
  • Try to automate very simple scenario like launch the browser and navigate to application URL etc.
  • At this point, it’s important to know how these testing tools work.

Keep Learning

  • At this point, don’t worry about advanced programming skills. If you don’t know something, you can easily learn it gradually as it required.
  • Do practical – whatever you read from different sources, it’s very important to implement it practically to understand it better.
  • Keep exploring selected automation tool and learn something new every day.

With this approach, you will gain confidence and you will enjoy learning new things.

By the time you will realize that you have started dealing with coding, you would have learned many things about automation and experiencing your journey.

Later, while enjoying your automation journey, you can also plan for automation testing certification courses.

Share your thoughts and let everyone know what approach you are following to learn automation.

Let me know if you have any concerns, by commenting below or send an email directly to me at

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